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If you have Headaches or Migraines you found the place to get rid of them with gentle and specific adjustments by one of the best in the profession.

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1001 W Cypress Creek Rd.
Suite 304
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
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W E L C O M E! 

Our mission at Ross Family Chiropractic is to educate people that the

intelligence of our bodies is greater than any medication, that we are self-

healing organisms (healing comes from the inside out), and that maintenance of

health is far superior to the treatment of disease. We are committed to giving

you the best chiropractic care in a fun and loving environment where you can

restore and maintain your health like you are supposed to.



 Dr. Steven N. Ross, D.C.



  The brain communicates with every part of your body through your nerve system. The main superhighway for this communication runs right through the bones of your spine. Any interference to the flow of this healing, life-giving energy will result in decreased function, healing and vitality of the body part involved. It may or may not cause pain- but if pain is present then you can be sure that there is a problem already.




   Before any treatment is rendered at Ross Family Chiropractic the Doctor will perform a thorough health history followed by a thorough examination to determine exactly what is going on in your spine. This examination consists of palpation (feeling by hand) of the bones of your spine and the surrounding structures and tissues, assessing range of motion (biomechanics) of the different areas of your spine, orthopedic testing (as necessary) and a multi-faceted computerized nerve scan of your spine.


Before any treatment or adjustment is performed the Doctor will explain what he has found and what he intends to do about it.


Before each adjustment the Doctor uses multiple criteria to determine which bone or bones should be adjusted and in which direction(s) ensuring that you receive a specific adjustment not a “gross manipulation”




Chiropractic care has been well documented in scientific medical literature as the safest most effective and least costly treatment of choice for many types of pain and dysfunction. Previous outdated claims to the contrary have been thoroughly disproved in modern times, though they may still be propagated by some people due to personal bias or pure ignorance.


“We are dedicated to providing you and your family with excellent Chiropractic care”

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